Easter Nests

I had a need for chocolate after a tricky afternoon with the boys. With no husband around to send to the corner shop I had to wait until all was quiet and resorted to creating a chocolate treat which I would be happy giving the boys, as well as, giving myself a chocolate fix quickly.

I am happy to report the Chocolate Easter nests were lovely and went nicely with a cup of tea. Hmmmm, maybe a little dash of Baileys wouldn’t go a miss as an adult version. Yum! Continue reading


Hit and Miss

As expected injecting a bit more variety back in to our dinners has not always been well received. Annoyingly, some meals have been refused without a morsel of food even passing their lips. I will not give up though. Every other day I will persist in offering the boys something they haven’t had before.

But hands up, I admit it, Continue reading


I’m Back

Well, what a busy few months. Box packing, a move to my parents for 5 weeks, a move to a new house, unpacking (ish), a new business venture and leaks, leaks and more leaks. Despite most rooms being a little bit damp and drippy, I am enjoying the new house and the boys are loving the space, not to mention the park situated opposite us.

We have still got a spare room full of boxes nicknamed The Room of Doom but the boxes aren’t going anywhere and writing is more fun than unpacking. Continue reading


Banana & Almond Drop Scones

Goodness! What a busy few weeks. I have been packing boxes solidly every evening for the past couple of weeks, leaving no time for myself and the blog. Who knew that a small 2 bed terraced could hold so much stuff. We are now all boxed up and the boys and I are living at my parents’ house until the move is complete.

Due to my extremely dull few weeks there isn’t much to share. The boys continue to add signs to their signing repertoire. Mr Z has started to sign please, especially when strawberries are involved. He amazed me the other day whilst I was cooking. Continue reading


Swimming Success

Thank you Mr Tomy Fountain Rocket with your assistance we had a wonderful time at the swimming pool for the first time ever, featuring smiles from both the boys. Needless to say a second rocket has been ordered. A huge relief, now I can forgive myself for not taking them when they were tiny (twin mother guilt).

It is not often you will here a teacher (now ex-teacher) say hooray term has started. But Continue reading


And So It Begins

The Fussy Stage!

Currently the boys won’t eat sweetcorn, peas, carrots or vegetable fritters. All previously loved food. Mr J is still off broccoli, cauliflower, any type of mash and chicken. So I’m going to keep presenting a variety and hope in the distant future one of the above will pass their lips again. The mantra of they won’t starve themselves is being repeated over and over. So we are back to Baby Led Wasting for a while.

We have started Mr J’s dairy challenge. I’m taking it slowly and starting with lactose free milk. Naturally, in our house, the first thing to try is Continue reading